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Episode 14: Road Trip Finale: Pop Up in New Orleans, Then Back to AVL!

Posted on May 21, 2013 by Amazing Capes

“CAPES!” yelled Stevie as she screeched to a halt on her totally rad bicycle. We had just set up a pop-up street shop with our local friend Catherine in Jackson Square to see how people dug our capes. One guy was going out with his friends for a bachelor party night- totally in need of a cape- and others like Stevie could instantly realize the vast potential that exists on a daily basis when a cape is included in wardrobe essentials. Booyah! 

The energy of New Orleans is outstanding; its autonomy is omnipresent, and priorities feel refreshingly less conventional then anywhere else in the US. We had so much fun here. Exploring the Garden District, chowing on beignets, dancing late to Gypsy Jazz tunes...

With Nola as our last stop on our Cross Country journey, our intrepid Wanda swung onto the low roads to Mississippi. Next we crossed into a surprisingly lush Alabama. We met Georgia at dusk. South Carolina was a dream... and after 13 hours and a handful of 5-Hour Energy potions, Anna and Rox arrived back in Asheville, NC at the brand new hour of 2am. 

It was cold and gray when we left, and now these mountains and valleys are bursting with greenery, extending their leaves in a big welcome back hug. Now it's time to hit the ground running :)

What a ride this trip has been. Thank you all for sharing the journey with us! We will be posting a short video soon.

Onwards and upwards!

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Cherokee Nation Makes History: Reaches the Edge of Space!

Posted on March 28, 2013 by Amazing Capes

On March 8th 2013 students of Cherokee High School in North Carolina reached new heights that reflected the strength and sovereignty of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. As far as we know, this was the first day Native Americans have ever reached the edge of space by means of launching a massive weather balloon. The balloon was attached with a special box, parachute and Go Pro cameras that rose up up and away and captured footage from the air. 

When Amazing Capes was asked to sponsor the 5 High School students who were chosen as “Cherokee Space Ambassadors" we were totally on board! Meet Gabby Thompson, Tagan Crowe, Bradley Welch, Cecilia Magana and Ryanne Oocumma- all students of Nicole Jackson’s 11th/12th grade advanced biology class with unique roles in the launch.  To reflect their school colors, the Space Ambassadors were given red Super Mandela capes prior to the launch. They calculated distances & estimated projections, readied gear and held down the corner ropes keeping the balloon steady until lift off. 

The entire school came out on the lawn and spelled their letters on the playing field- in this video link you can see dizzying footage of the ground as the balloon rises up! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8x1Ww2y1nRY 

After the weather balloon popped at the top of the stratosphere, the go pro cameras and box (that included Gabby's tribal earrings...now having reached space!) were picked up on the border of South Carolina a couple hundred miles away... at the top of a tree. The tracking team managed to climb it and footage was retrieved.

The tribe partnered with Element Advertising, featuring Art Director Christopher Sams of Asheville, to take another step forward in history & in doing so, reflect the strength of the Cherokee community, their pride in education and the new heights the nation is reaching. We are so thankful to have been able to participate in this event. Onwards and Upwards! 

See more photos on our facebook album: Cherokee Space Ambassadors  

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